Sunday, May 01, 2011

Nemesis gains on Valboris

The war of Valboris between the followers of Chaos and the invading Tyranids of Hive Fleet Nemesis had been at a low ebb for months. Every so often fighting would flare up as one side probed the other's positions, but for the most part both sides seemed to be focusing their attentions elsewhere.

The bulk of the chaos forces on Valboris were cultists and pirates. Bored, undisciplined and poorly lead, these fickle degenerates were soon lulled into complacency by inactivity. They fell to fighting between themselves or raiding off world for spoils and riches. Sensing weakness, Nemesis was quick to exploit the malaise and attacked without warning.

Caught off guard by the sheer speed of the waves of Tyranids racing along Valboris' coastlines the depraved defenders summoned hosts of Daemons to their dark places of worship in the path of the attacks. These incursions were confused and poorly co-ordinated, at first barely slowed the oncoming swarm. Eventually a decisive counter attack was organised and the light, fast moving vanguard organisms spearheading the Tyranid thrust began suffering heavy casualties. Nemesis was once again contained, but not before it had made significant gains.

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