Sunday, August 26, 2012

Alien invaders of Ares lose ground

Following the Dark Angels' intervention on Ares the Blood Angels launched their own strike against the eldar. However they did not inform General Veers nor the commander on the ground of their assault, and when their strike cruiser was contacted as it approached the world, the astartes merely stated they were on their own business and that other imperial forces should avoid getting in their way. The Blood Angels came in hard and fast, launching strikes at various points around Hephath Station. Much damage was done to the eldar defenders, but the marines left as quickly as they arrived, and the Imperium was unable to take advantage of the unannounced strike.

THe Librians and Blood Martyrs chapter engaging the eldar in the main campaign were also having to deal with opportunist dark eldar raid, something which seemed to plague those theatres of war where the eldar themselves were engaged in major ground campaigns. While the eldar were allies on Alphe they were the enemy on Ares, but it made no difference, the dark eldar arrived and took advantage of the open webway portals and the confusion of war. Once again however General Veers had made plans for such raids, and a combined force of Librians and Blood Martyrs were able to lure the dark eldar away from their plunder onto pre-prepared defences. The tactic worked and the raiders were slaughtered as they charged the imperial lines, before disappearing empty handed as darkness fell. Later on 2608.012M42 the dark eldar were able to get some revenge, ambushing a Blood Martyrs patrol, killing several marines and taking several captive. A consolation prize perhaps, but imperial high command once again gave clear orders to local commanders to take appropriate precautions against dark eldar raiders throughout the Perseus Deeps.

On 2708.012M42, keen to preserve the momentum built up by the Imperium on Ares, the Dark Angels once again committed their strength to the planets surface. Lead by their company chaplain elements of the 4th battle company made an aggressive mechanised assault on Hephath Station. At first they encountered no resistance and it seemed as if the Eldar had abandoned the area, but as the lead elements of the company moved into the ruins the hulking forms of Eldar Wraith constructs strode from their concealed positions.

Brutal close quarter fighting erupted amidst the ruins and Chaplain Azurath fell early on in battle at the hands of a mystical Waith Seer. As the battle hung in the balance a sudden counter attack by Tactical Squad Lazarus finally put down the alien witch construct. Devoid of its guidance the animated ghost walkers seemed to lose focus and most were finally destroyed by the tactical squads advancing through the ruins. As resistance crumbled the Eldar used back streets to outflank the attack and send mechanised aspect units to harass their enemy from the rear. Cut off the Dark Angels were forced to halt their attack and hold position until regiments from the Imperial Guard could be brought forward to consolidate the ground they had gained. Hephath Station had been reclaimed but the fighting on Ares was far from over.

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