Sunday, August 05, 2012

Dark Eldar raiders anger Harlequins

Despite often being seen in alliance with the mysterious Harlequins, the dark eldar showed once again in 08.012M42 that they were not above murdering and enslaving their own kin, and that only their abhorrence of the Necrons and their fear of certain destruction at the hands of the tyranids outwieghed their own bitter hatred towards the Craftworld eldar.

Early in the month the dark eldar unexpectedly fell upon the Craftworld eldar on Alphe. The assault was conducted by the same forces which had attempted to turn back the tide of Nemesis just days before, so it came as something as a shock to General Percival when his allies turned on each other. The Craftworld eldar were taken by surprise at the raid, which was pulled off with a great deal of flair and daring. The dark eldar netted a good haul of eldar slaves, a valuable prize indeed in Commorragh, and turned for home heading for a webway portal deep in the mountains to the south of Deepsnow.

The Rillietan were clearly enraged by the cynical act performed by the dark eldar. The attack had been cynical and opportunist, and the Harlequins wasted no time in exacting due punishment. Once again the alien race went to war with itself on Alphe, within plain sight of the Imperial forces, who sensibly kept their distance. The Rillietan appeared from an unseen webway portal of which the dark eldar were oblivious, and ambushed the raiders before they could escape to the webway. The dark eldar raiders were wiped out, and their prisoners freed.

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