Sunday, August 26, 2012

Orks of the Aleph Sector

As with all parts of the galaxy orks are present in great numbers in the Aleph Sector, but they are more prevalent in some areas than others. Mostly orks are confined to individual worlds or pirate fleets, and only rarely in recent history has an ork warlord risen high enough to generate a sizeable Waagh! the last serious ork uprising occurred more than three centuries ago, but signs are that once again the ork power is rising.

- Vork Ork Expanse: The largest and most significant concentration of orks in the Aleph Sector is known as the Vork ork expanse or infestation. This is an area dominated by ork worlds, involving three major systems and at least five strategically significant smaller systems. The larger systems are Uggrod, Skabgrod and Maggrod, with Uggrod boasting three inhabited ork worlds and all manner of installations and bases cluttering the system's many asteroid belts and rocky planets.

The Vork ork expanse is home to countless billions of orks and tribal rivalry dominates their lives, with the orks constantly at war with one another. Only very rarely to ork bands venture far from their usual domains, but the expanse effectively blocks the quickest warp channel from the tau empire into the Aleph subsector. It is a major target for the tau, although even they will admit to being overwhelmed by the sheer size of the ork domination of the region. Were a Waagh! to originate from here, Melberg or Tyranteous would be most at risk of invasion.

Recently expeditions by the Imperium have discover new warbosses, Krumpgutz and Uzfang, active and attracting growing number of followers in the area.

- Shadow Worlds and Kallack:Outside the Vork ork expanse, the Shadow Worlds are home to a significant population of orks, who have rule Kallack for countless millenia. From this base they frequently launch raids and invasions of the shadow worlds, and Waagh! Nazghat originated from here just a few years ago. Nasghat gathered a significant force, overrunning Danelloth, Coronus and Bothorion in the Mabb Nebula. Danelloth was then taken by the Tau, and Coronus liberated by the regiments of Cerberex, but Bothorion, along with the former fortress worlds of Sparcos and Aerin, remain in ork hands.

Waagh! Snazteef also originated from Kallack, and Snazteef gathered a large force around him intent on joining the invasion of Tarsis Major. Lured by the prospect of hard and vicious fighting, many joined his Waagh! The orks plagued the imperium to the north of Tarsis Prime for many months before eventually being eradicated by the tau. Snazteef escaped by detatching a significant portion of the northern peninsular and tellyporta-ing it into space, causing widespread destruction on the coast of Tuva and Merrin. He hasn't been seen since 009M42.

- Vastrid subsector, Keprok and Magark:Keprok and Magark form the centre of an ork "empire" in the Cerrack Nebula. These large worlds constantly threaten to raid or overrun the nearby Imperial worlds of Perisia and Krell, and even pose a risk to Vastrid itself, and so the forts of Thrace and Ate must maintain a constant vigilance over the main space lanes leading out of the Nebula. In 010M42 Warboss Thrugnik rose to prominence as the most powerful ork in the region, and his conquest of Aspaster underlined that fact. However he has failed thus far to gather a large enough Waagh! to represent a significant threat outside the Cerrack nebula.

- Perseus Deeps:The Perseus Deeps used to be a haven for ork pirates & raiders, with several notable bands basing themselves in the Perseus Deeps. From 00-03M42 the ork pirates known as "Shadrak's Sharks" were a constant menace to trade routes from Hartak to Libria, before they were all but annihilated by the Imperial fleet. Since then the main ork warband has been led by the strange ork warboss known as "Da Verminator". Despite embarking on eccentric and often bizarre campaigns, he always manages to reappear when defeated with an equally large following of faithful orks. Since 011M42 the ork worlds and bases in the Perseus Deeps have all been eliminated, either by the Imperial crusade, tau expansion or rapidly growing Harakhty dynasty. Da Verminator is bound to turn up again however, as he was last seen heading into the Hell Stars region with his rebuilt ramshackle fleet.

- Other areas:There are orks in other areas of the sector as well, especially in the Hadron expanse and the Aurelis deeps. Many of these areas are completely uncharted, and may harbour as yet undiscovered ork "empires" which could at any time lead to a new Waagh! to ravage the sector.

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