Sunday, August 12, 2012

Dark Eldar raids

The dark eldar continued to initiate their own raids in the Perseus Deeps during 08.012M42, but found every world they visited on high alert, seriously hampering their surprise attacks. Worse still, the Rillietan, now on the warpath following the dark eldar raid on Alphe, had managed to inform the tau and Imperium of impending attacks by "rogue forces".

Their raid on Carnage was ill-timed, coinciding with the arrival of several retreating armies from Calliden. The dark eldar found the forces of chaos ready and waiting, as well as numerous, and were easily beaten off. Worse followed, with a raid on corticant crushed utterly by a well prepared force of Librian guard after General Veers called for untmost vigilance against raiders. The raid on tau held Parataea ended equally badly.

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