Sunday, August 05, 2012

Eldar invasion of Carnage thwarted

The withdrawal of Chaos forces from Calliden had an immediate impact on the Eldar campaign. On 0108.012M42 the Rillietan led an invasion out of the webway onto the surface of Calliden, finding a weak force of defenders loyal to Lorek standing in their way. In a vicious firefight the Claws of Lorek were swept aside, allowing the Rillietan to secure a bridgehead on the world.

By 0608.012M42 the bridgehead had been reinforced by regular Craftworld Eldar forces, but by then Stahl's legions had begun to arrive on the planet, and quickly counter attacked with overwhelming force. The Craftworld Eldar staggered back from the Chaos assault, and in just days the bridgehead became untenable. By 0808.012M42 the invasion of Carnage was put on hold and all remaining Eldar evacuated from the world, spurring the Eldar on in their attempt to secrure an alliance with the Tau.

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