Sunday, August 05, 2012

New Sparta abandoned by Imperium

Since the initial invasion and advance on New Sparta the invasion had been going badly. Despite repeated attempts to reinforce the bridgehead General Alexander found himself unable to defeat the chaos forces who were fighting tenaciously, now on two fronts with the tyranid invasion.

Alexander tried to use the shock invasion by the aliens to destroy the chaos hold on the world, launching an immediate attack by the Prozan cavalry. Unfortunately the initial scouting force sent in to direct the airborne attack was wiped out by a force of Iron Warriors, who Stahl had sent to the region to extend his influence over the declining Empire of Chaos in the Aleph sector. With no-one to guide them in the Prozans returned to base, the attack a fiasco.

A dejected Alexander decided on 0908.012M42, with the tyranid threat now increasing on New Sparta, to abandon the invasion for a second time, citing "unexpected circumstances". Roover agreed to the withdrawal, as a protracted fight for New Sparta with the tyranids was not worth the strategic value of the planet. The Imperial plan to dominate the Rim Worlds would have to start again elsewhere, but the tyranid threat threw the Imperial plans into disarray.

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