Sunday, August 12, 2012

Eldar suffer setbacks

Ever since the eldar had been bloodily repulsed from Calliden they had been looking for a way to strike at the necrons, while keeping their campaign for the cleansing of ten major worlds in the Deeps underway. The Rillietan decided to strike at Enaloth to test its defences, preparing the way for a potential invasion. On Enaloth the necrons were not as strong as on their other worlds, and this looked like a potential way to take the war to the Harakhty dynasty.

Unfortunately the initial scouting party was soon discovered, and the Rillietan force were consequently wiped out, refusing to retreat to the webway portal lest its location be discovered by their most hated enemy. No sooner had the Harlequins absorbed the impact of this bitter blow, then another came. The Dark Angels arrived on Ares, launching an offensive into the flank of the eldar forces holding the Arnel valley. The unexpected assault came at just the wrong time, when precious Rillietan forces were conducting operations on Enaloth, and consequently following protracted fighting, the eldar were forced to shorten their supply lines and retreat some two hundred miles.

The victory was hailed on Corticant by general Veers, but the eldar had still not been removed from Ares and the war would go on. The eldar realised that on their own their objectives could not be achieved and therefore sent emmissaries to the Federacy and the Tau Empire, which ultimately led to the alliance, formally signed on 1508.012M42, to be known as the "Alliance of Light".

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