Sunday, August 12, 2012

Tau defend Perseus colonies

The Tau became ever more hard pressed in the Perseus Deeps during 08.012M42, as they found it increasingly difficult to maintain their colonies against so many threats with supply lines to the tau empire so long. Reinforcements from Commander Moonshine were welcomed, and had an immediate effect, as his defensive tactics were particularly applicable to the fragile tau outposts in the Deeps. Parius and Aganthus received special attention, which was fortunate, as a reinvogorated Claws of Lorek force attempted to raid Parius on 1008.012M42 en route from Calliden to Carnage.

One strike cruiser slipped through the automated defences of the system and landed near to vital tau supplies. Moonshine had prepared well however, and Lorek's forces found themselves facing uncharacteristic defence lines and sentry guns, with a well emplaced tau force safely behind it. Undeterred, the Claws launched themselves at the defences, charging headlong into withering fire. After a few hours of heavy casualties for next to no gain, Lorek's forces abandoned their raid.

On Parataea the dark eldar were encountered but, forewarned of their intentions by the eldar, Shadowstrike's forces were able to intercept them in a well timed ambush before they could do much damage. However events were not going so well against the Necrons, who pre-empted a tau patrol of the southern hills by launching an attack of their own on 1208.012M42. The tau were caught unprepared for the necron assault, and almost a cadre was wiped out with the tau forced to surrender the vital southern hills to the necrons. The Harakhty dynasty appeared to be serious about adding Parataea to their empire.

With tau resources becoming ever more stretched, the ethereal caste met with the eldar aboard the brand new orbital city completed above Lucardium. Here the two races discussed much, and came to an agreement, creating an alliance against all other races in the Perseus Deeps. The Federacy also attended the conference, but declined to commit any military forces to the alliance, at least in the short term. The Imperium were not invited. Despite the setback on Parataea, the new alliance offered the tau a new hope against the gathering forces of darkness in the Deeps.

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