Thursday, February 07, 2013

Ares: Corsairs take Ares City

After being forced back into two small pockets of resistance in Ares city, the eldar were widely expected to withdraw once more. However to General Vasilevsky's displeasure the eldar seemed to be determined to hang on to the world, despite this invasion heading towards the same stalemate as the last one.

In late 01.013M42 after over a month of relative quiet, strange emanations were intercepted from the eldar controlled areas of the city.These were reported to the inquisition, and in early 02.013M42 a force of Grey Knights arrived on the world, stating that they had been monitoring the ongoing conflict for some time, and that they had evidence to suggest daemonic energies behind the forces the eldar were using.

The evidence was not presented or shared with the imperial guard general, but he was expected to give up control of the campaign while the Grey Knights were present. Vasilesvsky therefore had no authority to prevent the Grey Knights from charging into Ares City intent on banishing the eldar daemonic presence. The result was predictable, and avoidable if only the inqusition's own astartes had bothered to consult the imperial general. As expected when they sensed they were under attack the eldar countered swiftly and viciously, inflicting horrific casualties on the Grey Knights and their supporting units, which precipitated a general withdrawal from Ares prime by 0702.013M42.

Meanwhile further north the Red Angels continued to probe the eldar defences in the hills believed to contain a major webway portal, but the skirmishes which devloped were inconclusive. Vasilevsky, once he had control returned to him, now had a capital and a space port to retake.

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