Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Necrons frustrated on Gamordal

Since 11.012M42 the battle for Gamordal had settled down into a siege. The necrons, having taken Gamordal city and the last remaining spaceport, simply had to wait for the surviving regiments of guard trapped in the Ventrax enclave to simply die of starvation. The imperium had lost control of the entire planet except for a small strip of land including the city of Ventrax itself and the Ventar peninsular. Here the population gathered while the imperial guard tried to hold back the advancing aliens.

Several times the necron lords attempted to offer the commander of the beleagured garisson terms of surrender, but each offer was met with stony silence, General Potter needing little reminder from the commissariat that merely communicating with the enemy xenos was a capital offense.

The forces under Potter's command, resigned to their fate, expected to meet a swift end at the hands of the invaders, despite their efforts to build a ring of defences around their remaining territory, but on 0202.013M42, the Space Wolves suddenly dropped from orbit, sowing confusion in the enemy ranks. The astartes force quickly established a perimeter around the Eastwier farming collective, and the imperial soldiers needed little encouragement to break out of their defences.

Caught between the sudden appearance of the space wolves and Potter's new offensive, the necrons, for once, fell back, giving ground and allowing the imperium to retake the vital food stocks of Eastweir. This turn of events brought much cheer to the imperium in the Perseus Deeps, showing that the necrons could be beaten on the field of battle. It also boosted the morale of the defenders on Gamordal, and although they were still almost certainly doomed, they made it their holy mission to hold out for as long as possible on Gamordal, making the necrons pay an ever increasing price for each metre of the Emperor's soil.

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