Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Necrons take Gamordal

After months of lessened activity the necron threat in the Perseus Deeps once again burst into life in the latter part of 02.013M42. On Parataea the necrons began to move south towards the populous Tau colonies, but were swiftly intercepted by the Shattered Silence kabal who effectively fought the Harakhty Dynasty to a standstill in a series of brutal actions taking place over a series of days. By 2702.013M42 the necrons had been halted but at terrible cost to the dark eldar, who evacuated their remaining forces. They had bought the tau some time at least.

On Gamordal the Dark Angels tried to emulate the Space Wolves by expanding the imperial bridgehead remaining on the world. Almost out of supplies the remaining guard formations would be unable to function unless the spaceport was liberated and a safe corridor opened for imperial landing craft to make deliveries. Despite a determined assault by the Dark Angels, they were unable to shift the necrons from their positions, and then faced a counter attack which appalled the commander of the astartes chapter. Cursing the aliens as abominations the captain of the Dark Angels withdrew his battered forces, ordering in as many transports as possible to rescue the remaining imperial guard troops. More than half of these were shot down with great loss of life, but a few companies of guardsmen were rescued, leaving Gamordal to its fate.

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