Sunday, February 24, 2013

New tyranid offensive on Grimlock

Following the abandonment of Grimlock by Imperial and eldar/tau alliance forces, the forces of chaos and Nemesis moved quickly to occupy the territory vacated by the two forces. This took some considerable time, and by 02.013M42 neither side had resumed serious offensive operations against each other. That all changed late in that month.

Nemesis launched a huge assault against Catechism forces in the north of Grimlock in the region of Sumadon. Strategically the area was not of major importance, but the area was known to be a marshalling ground for the vast numbers of troops being shipped to Grimlock by Moonface. The tyranid assault was savage and vicious, and saw for the first time Nemesis employing enormous bio-titans in their inventory of vicious beasts. Rather than face a prolonged battle the Catechism forces of the "pale forge" withdrew to more defensible positions, surrendering the region to the tyranids.

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