Sunday, February 10, 2013

Gamordal: Grey Knights massacred

Following their disastrous intervention on Ares some days previously, the Grey Knights now proceeded to Gamordal, where once again they informed the local defences, still beseiged and beleagured, that they would be carrying out their own mission against the "daemonic" activity of the necrons. This of course made no sense, but no one in the chain of command had any reason to suspect the agents of the ordo malleus, and the Grey Knights force dropped directly into combat against the enemy forces, some distance behind the enemy lines.

Why the Grey Knights were on Gamordal at all was never established. The inquisition denied all knowledge or simply refused to answer the questions put to them by the military or civilian hierarchy. Whatever the reason the mission was unsuccessful, with the imperial force suffering heavy casualties for apparently little gain.

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