Sunday, February 24, 2013

Nemesis grinds to victory on Fort Sparcos

Since late 012M42 both the tyranids of hive fleet Nemesis and the orks had been building up their forces on Fort Sparcos. By mid 02.013M42 the former Imperial base had become a sprawling ork metropoplis now home to millions of greenskins, while all around the base in the badlands Nemesis was gathering an equivalent number of violent and savage beasts which simply existed to make war. Sparcos had been reinforced from space by the orks, travelling in all kinds of ships, hulks and harnessed asteroids, all of which had to make the short and relatively easy warp hop from Kallack. Nemesis' hive fleet stood guard over the world and over the preceding months several desparate void actions had taken place within the Sparcos system, but the ork reinforcement "schedule" was far too haphazard for Nemesis to stop even a meaningful fraction of the greenskins from joining their brethren on the planet.

Nemesis decided that before more ork infestations appeared behind their lines that the fort had to be taken soon. The hive mind gathered its forces and launched an all out massive assault on the outer defences of the fort on 2202.013M42, deploying hundreds of thousands of creatures and utilising their largest bio constracts - massive titan like creatures able to physically step over all but the highest fortress walls.

At first the ork defences held, and the greenskins poured forward to meet the alien assault. Employing their own massive war engines it appeared that the orks, lead by Da Verminator, would easily repulse this latest tyranid assault on their outer defences, but at a critical point in the battle the ork left wing unexpectedly broke under the onslaught of the alien tide. This was followed by the destruction of the orks's greatest war machine, a mighty gargant fashioned in the image of the ork gods themselves. This enormous beast dominated the ork battle line, and its explosive demise also wiped out much of the Death Skull clan who were advancing in its shadow.

The ork line decisively broken, Da Verminator ordered a general withdrawal to the second line of defences, and Nemesis pushed forward. Even so final victory for the tyranids still looked some time away, this advance being the first of many bloody battles which would be needed to overcome the entrenched greenskins.

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