Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Astartes chapters active in the Aleph Sector

There are currently three Space Wolf companies active in the Aleph Sector. The great companies present as of 013M42 include those of Bran Redmaw and Erik Morkai, and the chapter are involved in operations across the Perseus Deeps and Zadoc subsector. They have been instrumental in the Imperial successes of the crusade against chaos, but have suffered losses of late. Never-the-less the Space Wolves are arguably the strongest astartes faction in the sector.

The Dark Angels have also committed a sizeable force to the Aleph Sector, with at least three companies usually available for operations. They are also active in both the Perseus Deeps and Zadoc subsectors, but they tend to lend their forces to imperial generals more sparsely and with less consultation than the Space Wolves. The Dark Angels fleet was severely damaged in battles against the tau in 008-011M42, and has not been seen in strength for quite a while. In addition it is believed the chapter have their own agenda for being so active in the sector, one not shared with the high command.

The Blood Angels have two companies in the Aleph Sector, but the chapter are very rarely involved directly aiding imperial campaigns. Instead the Blood Angels perform lightning raids or ally themselves with other forces with little warning, then tend to leave after an unspecified period of time. It is believed the chapter is searching for something in the sector, something of great importance to them.

The small force of Apocalypse Riders have only recently arrived in the Aleph Sector, but since their arrival they have worked closely with imperial commanders to make the most of their high speed lightning assaults. The Riders prefer to raid and destroy rather than take objectives, and they are most often seen cutting lines of supply or performing vital missions to reduce the capacity of the enemy to make war on the Emperor's armies.

The Salamanders have a significant commitment to the Aleph Sector including three companies, two of which are currently involved in bitter fighting on Hylas against the orks. The third company is also in the Zadoc subsector after a brief tour of duty in the Perseus Deeps. Their leader Fafnir was seriously hurt in the battle for North Vale by friendly fire, which has soured relations between the chapter and the rest of the imperial forces in the subsector.

The Red Angels have not disclosed their force distribution in the sector, but it is known that it must have been at one time almost half the chapter. Relatively lacking in heavy equipment, the largely foot soldier astartes chapter have suffered heavy casualties at the hands of all the emperor's enemies, mostly in battles in the Perseus Deeps. They Red Angels offer themselves for missions no matter the odds, something which may have contributed to their losses over the last few years.

The Raven Guard have only been active in the sector in recent months, but their appearance after sweeping the eastern rim has significantly bolstered the imperial defence of the Zadoc subsector where they are most active. The 5th Shadow Company is assigned to the sector, under Shadow Captain Corvane Valar.

Despite being close to the eastern fringe and within striking distance of Ultramar, the Ultramarines have never provided more than a company of marines at any one time, although Marneus Calgar did briefly intervene in the Melberg campaign in 008M42. The Ultramarines are almost fully engaged fighting further rimward, and have currently less than a company in the sector.

Much like their progenitors, the Sons of Ultramar have also been recalled to the Ultramarine domain to protect it from tyranid attack. They briefly fought the tau in 006M42 at the time of the Protogonus crisis

The Blood Martyrs, a successor chapter to the Blood Angels, were once heavily deployed in the Aleph sector, particularly around the time of the formation of the Federacy. The highly mechanised and mobile companies of the Blood Martyrs took heavy casualties at the hands of the Tau at the beginning of the Perseus Deeps crusade and have currently withdrawn from front line duties.

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