Sunday, February 10, 2013

Nemesis encounters new hive fleet

During 02.013M42 the tyranid menace continued to plague the native species of the galaxy in the Aleph Sector. In the most distant regions rimward of the Aleph subsector on the very edge of the Aurelis Deeps, it was found that Hive Fleet Triton was not quite dead. The Raven Guard encountered a splinter force on an uninhabited world while they were attempting to verify the reach of the ork menace spreading out from the Vork Ork Expanse, while the forces of Nemesis also made contact with the older hive fleet. There was no brotherly recognition between the two hive fleets, and the tendril of Nemesis quickly put their cousins to death, consuming their biomass for themselves. How many more remnants of Triton remained in the wilderness zone of the Aurelis Deeps no one could estimate.

Nemesis also continued the pressure on the Imperium and eldar forces in the Zadoc subsector, raiding New Cerberex once more and weakening the imperial defences. Even the alliance between the tau and imperium, a rarity in itself and not something officially sanctioned by either side, couldn't prevent the aliens from establishing a foothold on the colony, which now waited with a sense of dread for the rest of the hive fleet to follow in the vanguard force.

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