Saturday, May 23, 2009

Catechism asserts Dominance

While the Catechism made solid gains on Alphe, the matter of Rim World dominance was still not settled. While Moonface was away the Night Lords and Iron Warriors began once again to make moves to assert their own will over the Chaos worlds in the Perseus Deeps. While the Night Lords preferred to play political games on the densely populated worlds of Grimlock, Bastien and Mordecai, the Iron Warriors, with a smaller military force, were less subtle, laying seige to the Catechism base on Daedalon.

This was something Moonface could not stand for. Postponing his latest offensive on Alphe and shoring up his defences there, the leader of the Catechism returned to the Rim Worlds with a force of his most trusted warriors, arriving on 1605.009M42 and launched an assault against the Iron Warriors. Within hours the siege was lifted and Moonface's authority over the Rim Worlds assured. Yet another giant monument was raised up in His image, while the Iron Warriors left Daedalon looking for a friendly base.

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