Monday, May 04, 2009

Spring Reverse

By 05.009M42 the Tau-Imperial front on Tarsis Major had been stable, with no real movement by either force, as the Tau attempted to consolidate their hold on their bases in the Shadow Worlds. However, after their massive victory in space over the Tau fleet, in late 04.009M42 the Dark Angels arrived with another company, bolstering the Imperial strength on Tuva.

Without consulting overall Imperial commander Du Prez, the company captain of the new force immediately sprung into action against Elan Ro’s holding force to the west of Sapphire Harbour. Surprise was total and, not having faced Marines in months, the Tau were very quickly in disarry. Casualties were high and Elan Ro was forced to hurridly evacuate the hard won ground on Tuva and retreat to the heavily fortified island of Sapphire Harbour.

The Imperial Guard regiments facing the Tau further west, were initially slow to react to the sudden disappearance of the Tau forces in front of them, an unfortunate fact which meant an opportunity to smash Elan Ro’s retreating force was missed. However, late on 0305.009M42 the Dark Angels reported they had reached the coast and the Tau pocket was available to mop up.

It was too late, the Tau had left. In the following week the Imperial Guard simply moved forward, encountering no trace of the Tau. Despite this missed opportunity the Imperium had scored a major victory, once again ridding the main continent of Tarsis Major of a Tau presence. What seemed like imminent defeat had been put off at least for the time being.

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