Monday, May 04, 2009

Ork Raids and Daemonic Incursions

The front lines on Alphe were quiet for weeks, much to the surprise of Imperial commanders, who feared an imminent breakout across the region known as “The Neck” and into the heartland of Alphe. However Moonface had secretly redeployed a large portion of his forces to Fort Sparcos.

Presumably looking to unite with the Dusk Raiders already in situ, the Catechism forces landed on Sparcos on 0205.009M42 and immediately attacked the small Ork force which had been landed some weeks earlier. These Orks were now out of supply, thanks to Nazghat’s problems elsewhere, and faced little chance against Moonface’s veterans.

Few Orks survived the ensuing battle, and those that did were destroyed as an effective fighting force. Helping themselves to the Orks remaining supplies, the Catechism forces returned to Alphe, leaving the Dusk Raiders to move in to the now unoccupied Ork positions. Moonface had ensured the Ork threat to his invasion plans had been removed, for now, and was about to get an unexpected boon from the powers of the warp...

While the Catechism were raiding the Orks on Fort Sparcos, the Imperial defenders, the Librian 14th Regiment, were suddenly and unexpectedly beset by a daemonic incursion, suffering the loss of a company commander in the first few minutes of the assault. The Imperial Guard responded well however, and reinforcements managed to banish the daemons after several hours of hard fighting. Casualties on the Imperial side were high and it was clear many of the daemons simply left, rather than being destroyed.

This action however meant stripping the front line of troops, as the daemonic incursion happened far to close to the Neck for comfort. This in turn meant the Imperial Commander on Alphe was forced to abandon his defensive line against the Catechism, allowing the forces of Chaos to advance one hundred miles with little opposition. Confusion reigned within the inquisition, as this was the second daemonic incursion of this type, and neither could be positively associated with the daemons normally used by the Catechism. In addition the Chaos troops seemed just as baffled by their arrival as the Imperial troops, and merely took advantage of the situation to advance. What was going on?

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