Sunday, May 17, 2009

Imperial Reaction

Recriminations and repercutions continued at General HQ in Tarsis Prime for many days, with the analyticae of the Adpetus Mechanicus and the Tacticae of the Adeptus Ministorium taking much of the blame. Relations within Du Prez’s camp were strained and even Lord General Thaddeus Roover wanted answers.

In the days that followed the Tau’s surprise attack the analyticae finally realised the Tau had used the strong magnetic field of Tarsis Prime to launch Mantas from their bases on Merrin, via the planet’s south pole, to arrive at Tuva virtually undetected. However the Mechanicus sensori stations along the south Tuva coast should have picked up such a large air armada in sufficient time so that the significant Imperial Navy force could have been scrambled to meet them.
And they would have, had the sensori stations along the coast and well inland not been destroyed by Tau stealth aircraft immediately before the drop. The Mechanicus had known of the failure of these stations, but did not consider it “significant” enough to warrant the attention of Lord General Du Prez or the Imperial navy.

Several Mechanicus personel were removed following this incident, and General Cunningham immediately redeployed IV corps to prevent a breakout from the industrial zone. He knew that if the Tau were prevented from breaking out from the Border Heights, they would remain bottled up and eventually run out of troops and supply. He also knew that if the Tau did break out, the Teranno valley to the north and the important city of Maybourne to the south would be at risk. The loss of Maybourne would be serious, but the control of the Teranno river valley was vital for the defence of Silverbrook and Tarsis Prime.

Meanwhile in the North Jamieson now had to re-equip and refocus V corps and VI corps for combat against the Tau. All in all, Lord General Du Prez knew he was in a dire position, and the loss of yet another of the Emperor’s worlds looked a distinct possibility.

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