Sunday, May 10, 2009

Praetorians land on Horn Island

With the Orks falling back in the north and the Tau retreating in the south, the Imperial high command was eager for the Imperium to go on the offensive in 05.009M42, but few Imperial Commanders on the ground were enthusiastic for a renewed offensive outside of Tuva. Most wanted the fortification of the main continent and the continued prosecturion of a war of attrition against the Tau.

The only regiment offering a counter strategy was the Praetorian 42nd regiment. Following their heroic defence of Tarsis Prime they now volunteered for a new offensive, proposing a landing against the Chaos forces on Horn Island.

Giving the go-ahead, general Du-Prez was less than optimistic about the operation’s chance of success, but the reality far exceeded even the Praetorians’ expectations. With disciplined volley fire and heavy support from their tanks and artillery, the traitor forces on Horn Island, caught by surprise, were utterly annihilated. Three days later, the entire Island had been liberated, and the Praetorians began turning the place into a fortress, a bastion from which to launch further attacks.

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