Sunday, May 10, 2009

Shadowstrike Regains Tuva beachhead

Just a week after the defeat of Elan Ro’s forces on Tuva, Shadowstrike entered the fray. He knew that the Tau could not afford the loss of the hard won Sapphire harbour, and that the Dark Angels needed dealing with.

With this in mind Shadowstrike drew up a plan to land a force back on Tuva before the handover between the Space Marines and the Imperial Guard had been completed. Therefore on 0805.009M42 a substantial force of Tau landed on the Imperial held continent.

Detecting the incursion the Dark Angels immediately sent their forces to face the threat and a fierce battle ensued. However, this time the battle was on the Tau’s terms, and at a time and place chosen by Shadowstrike in contrast to the action a week previously. The result was similarly contrasting, with the Dark Angels suffering a defeat against Shadowstrike’s army, forcing their withdrawal.

Once again the Tau had a beachhead on Tuva, but the back and forth of the recent battles for little overall gain, had the Ethereals worried. Shadowstrike therefore began working on a new strategy designed to bring the war on Tarsis to a conclusion in a much shorter timescale.

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