Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cerberex regiments close on Iron Warriors base

On 2505.009M42, while the southern Tuva front collapsed, the Imperium were making gains, in the far north of Merrin. Following VII Corps' daring landing on Horn island, General Arbuthnot had been given three more regiments to assist the push by General Du Prez, as the offensive seemed to be going well and was a welcome diversion from the bad news from the south. Du Prez deployed three of the ten Cerberex regiments he had available, including the 11th and 41st mechanised, to continue the advance on the Iron Warriors' fort, intent on getting there before the Tau.

The Cerberex regiments, refugees ever since the UFP and Chaos overran their homeworld, were keen to fight the forces of the Dark Gods who had lain waste to much of their home planet. Their highly mechanised units drove the Iron Warriors forces before them, and advanced on schedule along the north and west coast of Merrin, reaching the edge of the Chaos fortified zone on 2805.009M42. While the Imperium were on the defensive in the south, they were at least winning in the north.

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