Monday, May 25, 2009

Elan Ro strikes south capturing Maybourne

Secure in the knowledge that Shadowstrike had him covered from the air Elan Ro mobilised His Mechanised Cadres and moved on the city of Maybourne. Phase one of operation Triton had put Tau forces within striking distance of the city, and Elan Ro had volunteered to lead the attack. The and suddeness of Elan Ro’s manouevre meant that he circumvented the guard units in the area and drove straight into the city.

Only the Ultramarines had the mobility to react and a small armoured column moved in to counter attack. Hammerhead units were brought up and obliterated the Land Raider leading the column, leaving the terminators stranded and ducking for cover. Dreadnaughts were dropped near Elan Ro’s position, so they were swiftly abandonned as the Tau forces instead drove into the Ultramarines, leaving the walkers out of the fight, though not before doing some damage.

Close quarter fire fights between Fire Warriors and Space Marines ended favourably for the Tau, as their superior weapons forced the Emperor’s finest to withdraw. The Ultramarines did not just abandon the city however. As they fell back they continued to stall the Tau, forcing Elan Ro’s attack to simply secure the city, rather than press on beyond.

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