Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jamieson drives north

In the prolonged campaign in the north of Tuva the front line between Snazteef’s Orks and the Imperium had ebbed and flowed several times, and each time the Orks were forced back north after bloody and expensive battles. Usually however, it was thanks to the intervention of the Space Marines that Tarsis Prime had been saved.

This rankled with General Jamieson, and following their defeat to the Dark Angels in 0405.009M42, the overall commander of the northern front devised a plan to pinch out the Ork salient and push the greenskins back to their bridgehead in the north.

Jamieson organised V Corps, made up of Librian regiments, to launch the offensive. The Orks responded in typical style, attacking the Imperial units, particularly in the north where the Librian 96th Infantry threatened to cut off the Orks on the Tuva plain by severing the narrow Ork salient.

Despite repeated attacks the Imperial Guard held firm and inflicted their first major defeat on the Orks of Snazteef since the beginning of the campaign, allowing Jamieson to mop up the remaining Orks on the Tuva plain with VI Corps, while V corps kept the pressure on the greenskins, reaching the edge of the North Tuva Mining Complex by the end of 1105.009M42.

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