Monday, March 05, 2012

Dark Eldar raids intensify

++++++Transmitted: Astropathic beacon Alpha 2231_4x
+++++++++Received: Astropath Callek
++++++Destination: Inquisitor Lord Ballus
+++++Mission Time: 0803.012M42
++Telepathic Duct: Terminus Estevan
++++++++++++++Ref: Xenos/AS122_DE
+++++++++++Author: Inquisitor Lord Huron

Thought for the Day: Study the alien, better to kill it


My Lord Ballus,

I apologise for my lack of regular contact these past few months, but the machinations of my esteemed colleagues have deflected my works of late. Would that this squabble between Hathek and Xanthus be ended, one way or another, but I digress.

I write to you now with some urgency. Earlier in the year I wrote to you of the increasing Dark Eldar activity in an otherwise quiet sector. This past month those incursions have grown ever more daring, violent, and regular. They seem to be completely random attacks, made for the sheer joy of wanton destruction, but I intend to divine their greater purpose.

This past week there have been five separate raids by the dark kin of the eldar. The faction we know of as the Rillietan struck out of nowhere against the Dark Angels in the Mabb Nebula, utterly destroying one of their primary bases on New Cerberex. Another faction which we know little about, was recorded attacking orks on Aspaster, before appearing suddenly on Corticant, badly damaging a supply base of our own Aurora Angels. However it is the Shattered Silence who have once again been the most active, and most deadly.

We already know they have been attempting to claim the world of Drift in the Radeon Cluster, as their own, but on 0403.012M42 they themselves attacked the Aurora Angels at their secondary base on Eris, utterly destroying that base. Days later we received reports of fighting between the Dark Eldar and Eldar on Drift itself, but it appears the Dark Eldar were victorious.

If there is a motive, a plan, I will divine it, as General Veers and General Pollack have both warned me that continuing raids on their supply lines are hampering their ability to successfully prosecute their campaigns. If you would permit me the forces, I would track down these factions one by one, and bring them to heel, although I feel the forces I need will not be meagre. I have my Munitorium adept calculating the requirements based on the latest actions.

It is my intention to continue to observe events until such time as I can put together a counter-strategy to these increasing raids, or have divined an underlying purpose behind these attacks. I will of course keep you informed.

Your loyal servant

Inquisitor Lord Huron


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