Monday, March 05, 2012

Perseus Deeps: Iron Warriors arrive on Sentinel

As 03.012M42 began, the Imperium could be forgiven for thinking the war on Sentinel all but won. The Dark Angels had seen off Tragean's fleet and cleared the forces of chaos from a large swathe of Sentinel's useful inhabited territories. However, no sooner had the Dark Angels taken the Spaceport for the Imperium, they left, along with their fleet, off to troubleshoot at another location on behalf of the Imperium of Man. Once again the Aurora Angels and Red Angels were left with the task of finishing the job.

Unfortunately the Dark Angels' departure had not gone unnoticed. On 0303.012M42 a large force of Iron Warriors arrived in system, adding their strength to the chaos force on Sentinel. Their arrival was tracked by the Aurora Angels, who notified General Veers and immediately moved in on the enemy landing zone. The Iron Warriors struck quickly however, and the fight went very badly for the Imperial Astartes warriors, who lost almost a company to the chaos assault. As Veers received the message from Sentinel, the Iron Warriors had already taken the mountains overlooking the Caverns of Aargash and were preparing for an attack on the Imperial held Governor's compound. Veers raged at his thinly spread forces, but found himself as powerless as ever to prosecute his campaign.

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