Sunday, March 11, 2012

Shattered Silence move on Gabriel's World

While the eldar were increasing their activity in the Perseus Deeps, the Shattered silence turned their attentions in full to the Radeon Cluster, where they were still intent on defeating the Necrons and taking Drfit for their own. This was proving to be difficult, as following an inconclusive action in 02.012M42, the Necrons had barricaded themselves into their defences and the Dark Eldar did not have enough firepower to take the battle to their enemy.

To resolve this, the kabal determined to shore up their supply lines. Webway travel was all well and good, but not everything could be transported in this way, and the Shattered Silence needed to make sure their enterprise on Drift was not going to be interfered with. To further this aim, the Dark Eldar resolved to take Gabriel's world, removing the ork threat, and to destroy the Imperial fleet in the subsector, removing the threat from the Imperium.

The first part of this plan went well, with the orks easily brushed aside on Gabriel's world, and good progress made towards the securing of the minor world. However, the raid on the Imperial base at Achreom did not end well. Unbeknownst to the Dark Eldar, a significant portion of the Dark Angels fleet had recently replaced Jellicoe's Vastrid battlegroup, who were returning to the fleet base at Farport for refits and repairs. The Dark Eldar were outclassed by the veteran Dark Angels, and came of much the worse in the ensuing engagement. Despite this setback the Shattered Silence's ambition to set up their own realspace domain in the Radeon Cluster was undiminished.

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