Sunday, March 11, 2012

Eldar assault Sentinel

Only a week after an abortive raid on Ares, the eldar returned to plague General Veers crusade. On 0703.012M42 Veers had deployed a regiment of Cerberex Guard to Sentinel to shore up the wavering Imperial defences, but their first battle wasn't against the forces of Chaos which controlled over half the minor world, but against the eldar. On 1203.012M42 the Eldar arrived in force, sweeping down from the hills in the south to attack the Ningbo Tomb complex. This area was held by the Red Angels, who were still short handed after their battering from Chaos in previous weeks.

Striking swiftly, the eldar were led by wraithlords and a mighty avatar, and the aliens rapidly forced the unprepared Astartes to abandon the complex and retreat towards the central plains of Sentinel. Unlike earlier battles however the eldar did not withdraw. Instead they consolidated their position, and seemed intent on taking the world.

The next target was the Imperial Stronghold around the governor's palace, across the central Sentinel lowlands. the distance of some three hundred kilometres was covered in an alarmingly short time by the eldar, but the Cerberex Guard defending the palace area were more than prepared for the alien onslaught. After a protracted battle, Imperial armour and resilience proved stronger than eldar skill and courage, and the alien force retreated. They did not abandon the world however, and the Veers now found himself with two enemies on the planet.

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