Monday, March 05, 2012

Eldar attack Ares

While General Veers was trying to re-mobilise his campaign with a decisive action on Sentinel, alarming news from Ares on 0103.012M42 threatened to permanently put an end to his plans of conquering the remainder of the Perseus Deeps. Without warning, a huge Eldar Warhost attacked the Imperial base on Ares, massacring the primary Imperial base and almost overwhelming the remaining defenders. Only by sheer luck was a reaver titan of the legio titanicus present, and this powerful war engine was able to hold the eldar forces for a time, before sucumbing to the alien firepower. In full retreat, the commander of Ares appealled for aid.

Fortunately the Space Wolves were on hand to deal a counter stroke, as half their fleet remained as a rapid reaction force operating out of Corticant. Ares was only days away with good conditions in the warp, and on 0603.012M42 the Space Wolves task force arrived in the system, dropping directly into the heat of the action. Fighting was intense, but the stalwart defenders of the Imperium overcame the highly mechanised eldar forces, and by 1003.012M42 the situation had been stabilised. Then, just as suddenly, the eldar pulled out overnight, melting away and retreating into the webway, the entrance to which remained stubbornly invisible to the agents of the Imperium. Ares had been saved, for now.

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