Sunday, March 11, 2012

Iron Warriors land on Parataea, Tau raids on Hylas disastrous

In mid 03.012M42 the Iron Warriors expanded their territorial ambitions by landing a sizeable force on the small Tau colony of Parataea. It had become apparent that far from a remnant force, these Iron Warriors were a new faction in their own right, and seemed to have ambitions of empire. While the true purpose of the Iron Warriors became the object of intense scrutiny for Inquisitor Hathek, the chaos force smashed the Tau defenders of Parataea, taking almost half of the Tau colony within days of arriving.

While the Tau were on the back foot in the Perseus Deeps, the commander in the Mabb Nebula was trying different tactics against the Imperium. During 03.012M42 the Tau sent in several covert teams to Hylas with the intent to sabotage and hinder the rapid expansion of the Imperial base on the world. Defended by Zadocian Guard and a contingent of Space Wolves, the Hylas nut proved difficult to crack, and by 1603.012M42 both covert teams sent in by the tau had been uncovered and slaughtered with little gain. All the tau had managed to do was stoke the fires of the Imperial will to resist the tau expansion in the Zadoc subsector.

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