Tuesday, March 27, 2012

War in the Perseus Deeps

While the Imperial campaign got off to a good start in the Mabb nebula, fortunes in the Perseus Deeps were more mixed for all the races contesting the largely barren area of space. On Sentinel the three way war continued, despite the Conquerers of Gorgoroth losing both the Caverns of Aargash and the Bastern Mountains to a well timed advance from the Space Wolves.

While the Imperium advanced on their northern front against the forces of chaos, they suffered a serious reversal on their western perimeter. Attacking from their enclave near the governors palace, the Red Angels defending the Sentinel Prime compound were annihilated, allowing the eldar to once again occupy key installations near the Spaceport, rendering it useless to the Imperium until they were removed. Once again the Red Angels had lost a key battle, and the remaining marines were quickly removed from active duty on Sentinel.

Meanwhile the Iron Warriors were in action on Calliden and Paratea. On the major world they were instrumental in rebuffing an invasion by Necrons, while on Paratea their own invasion was similarly defeated by a re-energised Tau defence.

On Zog, the Necrons finally achieved victory against the embattled imperial defenders when Admiral Jellicoe sent through a relief force led by the Iron Duke. The battlegroup immediately ran into a well timed and well executed Necron ambush, leading to the near destruction of the Imperial flagship, and the loss of the Indomitable and Cressy. Implacable was also crippled, for the loss of very few necron craft. The Imperial ships fled for their lives against a superior foe, allowing the necrons to claim thier prize, the extra warriors on the tombship soon making short work of the remaining half regiment of Imperial Guard.

the Rillietan were also active in the Perseus Deeps, devastating a dark eldar raid. These were not the same dark eldar who had helped the harlequins in the past, but even so, the willingness the Rillietan showed in slaughtering what were in effect their own kin, was alarming to Inquisitor Huron, who was, as ever, left with more questions than answers.

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