Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nemesis reaches Bothorion

Whilst the main Hive Fleet still lay in orbit around Alphe small splinter forces were forging ahead to scout out rich sources of biomass to serve as the next targets for Nemesis. One such probe reached the system of Kallack and disgorged a small force onto the planets surface to test its defences.

This invasion was immediately spotted by a local Ork warlord, who knew full well what the firey trail in the sky signified. He immediately roused “the boyz”, bellowing “wez goin' on safari!” as they raced from their settlements in battle wagons and buggies. With only a minimal Hive Mind influence guiding them the Tyranids seemed confused and poorly co-ordinated and the Orks drove through them, shouting and shooting with wild abandon. Even when confused the Tyranids were still dangerous predators and it seemed for a moment that the overconfident warlord leading the attack would be surroundedd and cut down, his bodyguard already dead, but with a bellow he ripped the head off a wounded Tervigon and suddenly the remaining Tyranids melted away. Their synapse creatures were all dead and their already weak with the Hive Mind totally severed.

Nemesis noted this new rich source of biomass, just as it noted that Kallack was well defended and that it would require the full attentions of the Hive Fleet to invade.

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