Saturday, March 31, 2012

Tyranids make progress on Alphe

After the Tyranid breakout from their landing site at Pryford Meadows Imperial forces on Alphe were kept on high alert. Regiments of Guardsmen were moved to defend the choke points of The Neck and the crossing to Oldmere Island. No sooner was this movement of troops completed when Nemesis launched its second major assault, this time attacking not from the east but from the west.

The original infestation of Alphe had consisted mostly of Genestealers and Lictors which silently infiltrated the island cities of Linshore and Springbay before spreading to gain a foothold on the mainland. Just like the infestation around the Hive's main landing site in the east, here too the planet's own biomass had been stripped to construct an overwhelming army. When this erupted out of the ruined ghost city of Moorden few Guard regiments were in a position to oppose it. The Ultramarines quickly deployed a company to stem the tide and they made a heroic stand, trying to keep the Tyranids bottled up in the peninsula around Moorden.

At first they gave ground before the sheer size of the approaching swarm but as the Tyranids threatened to spill out into Hulme Island they counter attacked, charging into the swarm shouting benedictions to the Emperor. Inspired by their captain they fought bravely and almost to the last man. Many Ultramarines died to buy the Emperor's servants more time, but despite the cost they had succeeded in slowing the Tyranid advance to a crawl.

Unfortunately for the Imperium the respite was brief. Nemesis now had an overwhelming numerical and strategic advantage and the Hive Fleet began raining re-enforcements onto the planets surface from orbit. As the advance once more gathered pace the regiments of the Imperial Guard finally organised a cohesive defence. The mobile mechanised divisions of the Librians succeeded in extracting a harsh toll on the swarm and it seemed as if the Guard would win an historic victory, but even gutted the attack still pressed home with an inhuman fury that was totally without fear or instinct for survival. Against such single mindedness the Librian resolve broke and they gave ground. They succeeded in retreating with much of their force still intact but in doing so sacrificed the cities of Westlake and Wheathaven and with them the whole of the north. Nemesis now seemed unstoppable whilst the Hive Fleet remained in orbit.


CommissarHarris said...

Hi Duncan,

I am a member of the Bromley GCN. I have surfed here from the Interwebs and I was quite taken with your rules set. I am quite interested in running a campaign for our club and I was wondering if it would be OK to take a copy of your rules set to run a similar style of campaign in our club. Hope this is OK


Duncan Railton said...

Sure go ahead! We've modified and added a lot more complexity to individual campaign rules as time goes on, but the basics remain the same. Let me know how it goes!