Sunday, October 18, 2009

Alphe: Major Chaos advance

On 1310.009M42 General Percival redeployed the badly mauled Corellian units to the west, reinforcing the recent assault and deploying most of the battered units to Linshore, hoping they would have some time to rest and refit. He could not have been more wrong.

Just two days later the Night Lords unleashed their forces on the Imperium, attacking furiously on Springbay and, at the same time, mounting an unexpected amphibious assault on Redkeep Island. The Corellian defenders were appauled to see Chaos rhinos and land raiders emerging from the Seaton Sea and soon found they were supported by the elite forces loyal to Raziel.

The battle was short, brutal and totally one sided. Linshore fell within a day and by 1710.009M42 the forces of Chaos had secured Redkeep and were Island hopping towards the mainland. Those remaining Corellian forces on Snowwald Island were rapidly evacuated and the shattered remnants arrived Summerbridge Crossing battered and despondent on 1910.009M42.

If this wasn’t bad enough for General Percival, a new, previously unknown Chaos army began attacking in force from the north. Traitor Legion forces assaulted the PDF forces on Hulme Island and began rapidly advancing south towards Westlake. By 1210.009M42 the Librian 43rd had been rushed to the area, and a fierce battle erupted around the city.

Both sides took heavy casualties as the Librians took the Chaos marines by surprise, blowing away their formidable Vindicator support before they could even reply. Gradually however the robust rhino borne troopers and the timely teleportation of obliterator units into the Librian lines turned the battle. Four days later, amid scenes of utter carnage Percival allowed the Librian 43rd to pull out. Westlake fell and the Chaos forces now looked likely to surround the remaining PDF units in Hulme Island. Percival however had bigger problems.

In the south the legions of Catechism loyal Guard regiments had broken out and were heading towards Merridale. It seemed now that the forces of Chaos had decided, somehow, to renew their offensives simultaneously. Unable to reinforce the south with his limited resources Percival gave permission for the Imperial regiments facing the new Catechism onslaught to withdraw to Oldmere. Meanwhile the Blood Angels, recently arrived thanks to Inquisitor Nikopolidis’ influence, agreed to take on the Catechism.

The Blood Angel intervention was to no avail. By the end of 2010.009M42 the space marine company sent in to stop the offensive was in full retreat, and a landing on Oldmere Island had been successfully carried out. Percival was retreating on three fronts and desperately needed more forces to deal with his enemies, or Alphe would surely fall.

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