Sunday, October 18, 2009

Imperium gain Bothorion

Following the successful founding of Coronus by the refugees of Cerberex, there was more good news for the Imperium later in the month, with the founding of the Tyndareous colony and the capture of Bothorion.

Tyndareous saw ship after ship of would be colonists flooding in during 10.009M42, as the planet was declared ready for colonisation, and settlements, bare and prefabricated at first, began to take shape. The Dark Angels were there as well, and were much needed when a raiding party of the Claws of Lorek arrived unexpectedly. The Chaos forces were quickly dealt with as soon as they were detected.

The reason that the Claws of Lorek were raiding was that their base on Bothorion had been destroyed. Simultaneously a company of Space Wolves, a force of space marines known as "the Castaways" and a regiment of Corellian Storm Guard landed on the planet. Task Force Alexander had arrived and was determined to see off the Ork and Chaos armies on the minor world.

The result was a resounding success. Nazghat's Orks were defeated in short order by the aggressive Space Marine attacks, while a two pronged assault by the Space Marines and Imperial Guard soon overran the Claws of Lorek Base. In ten days the planet was rid of the Imperium's enemies, and the Storm Guard regiment was tasked with the hunting down and destroying of the remaining enemies who had fled to remote parts of the planet.

Not all the Claws were eliminated. Despite the presence of an Imperial fleet, a fast moving traitor strike cruiser was able to evacuate a portion of the Claws of Lorek, and its mere presence, detected as it headed for the system jump point, indicated that these traitor marines were more than a raiding warband. For now however, General Alexander looked on with satisfaction as the recent Imperial campaign yielded the third planet in the Mabb Nebula, putting the Imperium in overall control of the Shadow Worlds.

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