Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Shadow Worlds: Bothorion Standoff

As 10.009M42 began the Imperial hold on Bothorion became increasingly tenuous. Alexander's battlegroup was forced to withdraw some forces to face an emergent Necron threat on Coronus, unaware that the Dark Angels were already in position to face them. This left just two regiments and a two companies of space marines to hold the Imperium's recent gains on the planet.

An initial Ork attack was held by the Venerators company as Nazghat's followers tried to remove the Imperium from their one remaining hold in the Shadow worlds, and severe casualties were inflicted on the greenskin forces. Then, the Claws of Lorek arrived in force.

Leading a large force of traitors and heretics the Claws of Lorek chaos space marine chapter arrived on 1010.009M42 with several capital ships of unknown origin. Before Alexander could turn his ships around and return to the system, the traitor legion had inflicted a severe defeat on the other space marine company, forcing the Imperial Guard regiments to flee back to the relative safety of their fortified landing base.

At the same time the forces of Chaos attacked the Orks, encountering Da Verminator's warband and heavy fighting ensued. The battle was bloody but ultimately inconclusive. However numbers told and the Orks were able to force the new arrivals to retreat back to their landing zone. Now Bothorion was a tense three-way stand off, and as the fleet of Battlegroup Alexander raced back to the system, a showdown was inevitable...

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