Tuesday, October 13, 2009


In early 10.009M42 the Imperium was in the ascendent on Alphe. In the north the Dark Eldar had reportedly abandonned their pact with Chaos and left the world. This emboldened General Percival and the recently arrived Corellian Storm Guard were assigned to the front line with orders to push the forces of Chaos back further, out of Hulme Island into the east of North Reach.

Unfortunately the Chaos forces had reinforced this sector following the loss of their allies, and reinforcements apparently travelling with the Night Lords' fleet, which still remained in the system, launched their own attack. The fighting was brisk with the Storm guard taking heavy casualties. Their defeat lost ground for the Imperium and Percival's forces were forced to withdraw towards Westlake.

A lack of Krak grenades was blamed for the poor performance of the Corellian's poor performance, and the Adeptus Ministorium was given a severe dressing down by Percival at his HQ in Deepsnow. Such a basic mistake in provisions would not be repeated.

Meanwhile another recent arrival, a company of Venerators space marines, launched a major assault by drop pod and Thunderhawk gunship, on the Night Lords positions on Snowwald Island. After several hours of fighting the Venerators narrowly secured tow bridgeheads and forced the Chaos forces to retreat towards Springbay. Imperial Guard regiments then followed up and prepared to besiege the Chaos held city.

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