Sunday, October 25, 2009

The rage of the Eldar

Following the establishment of the Federacy and their alliance with the Tau Empire Craftworld Kel Sandros had shifted its operations away to other sectors. Events were now in motion, the Imperium in the Aleph sector was critically weakened and the comming years saw planet after planet fall to the Tau Empire and other Xenos. Although Kel Sandros continued to monitor the situation closely through its covert intelligence cells no further direct intervention was needed.

The fall of Saim Lann came as a rude shock to the usually omnipotent Eldar. Cloaked by a shadow in the warp, the senister seers of Kel Sandros had completely failed to detect the progress of a Nemesis splinter fleet into the Shadow Worlds, bypassing the Imperial blockade at Betor. They had also failed to forsee the violation of Mael Kithlann by marauding Orks, an event which probably came as much of a surprise to the random and unpredictable Ork warbands as the Eldar.

The wholesale slaughter of the Exodite colonists on Mael Kithlann and the widespread rape of Saim Lann's ecosystem by Nemesis sent shockwaves through Kel Sandros. Enraged beyond reason the response was immediate. The Avatar of Keila Mensha Khaine was once more awoken within the Craftworlds core and warriors summoned from all corners of the galaxy as Kel Sandros prepared for war!

The Invasion of Saim Lann

With Kel Sandros long dormant within the Aleph sector its warriors were spread throughout the galaxy fighting in numerous covert and overt wars. The Tyranid violation of Saim Lann required an immediate response before the planets ecosystem was irreperably damaged. In desperation Kel Sandros sent what warriors it could, even pressganging the rangers and civilians of its local intelligence cells into the military effort. Bursting forth from the webway, their rage made manifest in the form of the Avatar of Khaine itself, the Eldar struck at the tyranids as they fed upon the planets biosphere. Initially things went poorly for the Eldar, massively outnumbered as they were by hordes of ravening biokillers. Through the carnage the Avatar of War strode, an invincible vision of death and destruction, single handedly turning the tide back in Kel Sandros' favour. When the clamour of war faded the Eldar had secured the webway portal, exterminated hordes of tyranid creatures and destroyed numerous tyranid reclamation pools, but at a catastrophic cost in Eldar lives.

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