Sunday, October 18, 2009

War in the Shadow Worlds

While Bothorion was liberated, the Blood Angels also agreed to lend a hand to the fighting in the Mabb nebula. For a month the Eldar sacking of Fort Sparcos had gone unanswered. Then on 1710.009M42 the Imperium struck back with a lightning landing by the space marines. the fighting was tough, but utilising a great weight of mechanised assets, including land speeders, the Blood Angels were able to drive off the Eldar from the settlemets, now ruined, which surrounded the fort itself. From the shadow of the broken bastions of the Imperial fort, the Blood Angels considered their next move to eradicate the xenos taint from the fortress world.

Elan Ro continued his fight to establish colonies in the Mabb Nebula, with the full blessings of the ethereals. For the greater good his hunter cadres travelled into the Rim Worlds, raided the small Chaos world of Typhon and returned with much needed raw materials for the new colony on Memnon. His losses were minimal, but Typhon, falling under the jurisdiction of Raziel's Night Lords, reported the raid to their liege lord. While these interdictions were profitable, the Tau now worried that Elan Ro may provoke a sleeping giant.

At the same time the Praetorian regiments in Task Force Alexander, stationed on Tyndareous in order to protect the colonists, felt that they were not being utilised enough to smote the emperor's enemies. However the accidental uncovering of yet another Necron tomb on the world and the subsequent outbreak of slaughter and destruction gave them their chance. They held the Necrons, just, but Imperial high command tried desparately to ignore the increasing clamour from their advisors that the Necron presence in the Mabb Nebula, for now dormant, may have been massively underestimated.

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