Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Colonies founded on Danelloth and Coronus

In 10.009M42 two new colonies were founded in the Shadow Worlds. After much work and toil the planet of Coronus finally became "New Cerberex", a haven for the defeated remnants of the Cerberex war. Over a million settlers flooded in and new settlements, including a city, began to take shape.

It was not without trouble however. While excavating foundations a group of Cerberex workmen accidently uncovered a Necron tomb and the thousands of Necron warriors who poured out of their slumber massacred almost an entire regiment of Cerberex Guard before the Dark Angels, continuing to show great respect and admiration from those who chose a life of exile rather than join the UFP, turned up in force and destroyed the alien threat.

Meanwhile the Tau colony on Danelloth was officially founded at roughly the same time, following Elan Ro's raids on Fort Aerin which brought back much needed supplies to the new Tau world. The Ethereals formally recognised the Tau colony as the newest member of the Tau empire on 1610.009M42. A half hearted assault by the Adeptus Astartes followed, but this was easily seen off by Elan Ro's forces.

Elan Ro had secured his pet project, to found a new world in the Shadow worlds. However much would need to be done to secure this new prize, as dangers nearby and a suspect line of supply meant the new Tau colonists would be living on the ragged edge for some time yet.

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