Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Eldar in full retreat

Things went from bad to worse in early 10.009M42. With Hylas and Memnon not under their control their three exodite worlds of Saim Lann, Shelwe Agir and Mael Kithlan were not hidden from the prying eyes of the other races, and two extremely predatory ones seeon had their eyes set on the weakly defended worlds.

The Orks were the first to arrive, landing somewhat accidently on Mael Kithlan. Following recent reverses on Bothorion and faced with a declining empire, Nazghat needed to go on the offensive just to avoid being deposed by ambitious Nobz who thought they could do a better job of leading his vast army.

With this in the forefront of his Orky mind the greenskin tide arrived in force around the lightly defended exodite world of Mael Kithlan, falling upon the hapless defenders with wild abandon. The Eldar did have a small group of warriors in their midst however, a group of outcasts who had settled on the three Eldar worlds of the Mabb nebula following the destruction of their craftworld. Until now they had been safe, but the tide of greenskin warriors proved too much for them and by 1810.009M42 they had lost all but a fifth of the habitable settlements to the Orks.

Much worse occurred on Saim Lann as the tendrils of Nemesis appeared in the system. The Eldar here fought bravely, but were unable to prevent the Tyranids from slaughtering their populace and overruning the entire world in just a week. Those who could, fled using the webway, abandonning, at least temporarily, the exodite world.

More refugees flooded into the webway as the Eldar considered their options. A reaction to the Tyranid threat would have to be swift as the aliens began to feed on the biological resources of the planet.

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