Sunday, October 25, 2009

Other Sector Events

The Tyranids, while suffering at the hands of the Eldar on Saim Lann, renewed their offensive on Betor on 1710.009M42, bursting from the earth and attacking from the sea and sky on the Island chains of south west Betor, Taken by surprise General Dempsey's poorly equipped PDF forces were slaughtered, soon losing Marsenberg to the aliens. Appealling for aid the defenders of Betor were relieved when a company of Reaper Angels arrived, but their counter assault against the Tyranid menace went horribly wrong, as half their force was destroyed in only a few minutes. The marines disengaged, leaving the defenders dispondent. Three days later Eigenfeld was overrun. With panic spreading in Lindesberg and small villages on the Sonnige Insel, it appeared the Tyranid menace was far from contained on Betor.

Menwhile the battles in the Shadow Worlds, while overshadowed by events on Bothorion, continued as 10.009M42 progressed. Chaos forces on an uninhabited world suffered badly when their expedition to recover something of great value on the barren world met unexpected resistance from Necron forces. Had they bothered to do their research they would have realised the world had been classified by the Imperium as off limits, and saved themselves the losses incurred. Fortunately for the rest of the sector, the waking of the Necrons did not appear to lead to a wider campaign by the strange aliens.

The forces of Chaos also suffered a reverse on Fort Sparcos, when their raiding force, attempting to loot the battered settlements clustering around the ruined fortress on Sparcos, ran into a full blown Ork Invasion force, led by Warboss Nazghat. The great Ork had become aware of the Fort's destruction by the Eldar and arrived in force, intending to add the planet to his possessions. If Nazghat could control both forts of the Mabb nebula, he would also control the main warp lanes to Kallack, the source of his armies. The battle was one sided and ended with the Chaos raiding force withdrawing from the planet, leaving Nazghat to pursue his war to overrun Fort Sparcos.

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