Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Space Marines aid push south on Merrin

The static war on Tarsis Major finally began moving again in 10.009M42. The towns of Medulla and Stockton, overlooked by the Mertock Mountains which had been in Imperial hands for over a month, were the next ideal target for the Imperial advance on Merrin.

A number of senior commanders on Tarsis Major, and the Tau themselves, felt the second front on Merrin to be an unnecessary distraction, which was precisely why General Cunningham kept the front open and supported, denying the Tau a simple war.

On 0110.009M42 the Praetorian Guard commander, supported by Adeptus Astartes troops who had recently arrived on the planet, launched their attack. The Space Marine force made the difference, battering the Tau defenders in Medulla and forcing the Tau elements defending Stockton to withdraw. 10 days later the Tau had been forced to yield the coast of the Merrin Strait, and the Merrin mines now began looking increasingly vulnerable to the Imperial second front.

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