Tuesday, February 16, 2010


++For the urgent attention of Inquisitor Hathek++
++Priority: Alpha Prime Extremis++

I beg leave to report that a massive armada of Tyranid vessels has arrived in the Betor system. This is no splinter fleet, and if it too belongs to the Nemesis strain responsible for the planet's current contamination then the assurances provided to us by Inquisitor Lord Varnius are but ash.

Concurrent with the Hive Fleet's arrival Betor has suffered massive earthquakes. Thousands of citizens lie trapped under rubble and the planet's infrastructure is a shambles. The populace has been thrown into paroxysms of uncontrolled panic, insanity and despair and has resorted to uncontrolled rioting. Numerous rebel groups have taken to the streets and attacked Imperial troops and there are unconfirmed reports of genestealers boiling from the sewers. I have the Adeptus Arbites and PDF doing all the can, but it is like fighting a wildfire with a guardsman's canteen.

Even as I dictate this message the shadow in the warp is upon us once more and we have no astropathic contact with the rest of the Imperium. The sky is black with an unnatural fog, innumerable spore pods and flying Tyranid bioforms. I can only pray this blockade runner reaches you. I implore you, nay, I beg you to send re-enforcements with all haste or we are surely lost.

My the God-Emperor preserve us.

Lord Commander Preston, Betor theatre.

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