Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Personal log of Inquisitor Hathek

1602.010M42: A fragmented warning from Preston, contact lost with Betor, Tyranids on Lucardium and now as far Core-ward as Sentinel. This is a full scale invasion by much more than a "splinter fleet". I just need proof. As I write this I am on board Iron Duke with Jellicoe himself on route to Betor. There we will find our hive fleet and, Emperor willing, destroy it with battery and lance fire. My agents tell me the Tyranids were fought to a standstill by the heretical forces on Sentinel, but I can take little heart from that. The fact this menace is now so widespread is of great concern in itself. Betor may be lost, even if we are victorious over the enemy in space. No taint of the xenos filth must be permitted to live on Betor - and that means a long eradication of the creatures on the planet, or the ultimate sacrifice... But kill the hive fleet, kill the means to infect other worlds. This must be our primary goal.

I am not willing to abandon Betor yet. The xenos filth must learn we will fight for every inch of the Emperor's lands and inevitably be victorious. On the other hand I feel a conversation with those with whom we "share" our region of the galaxy may now be prudent...

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