Sunday, February 21, 2010

Tyranids Break Out of Western Contaminated Zone

The Tyranids infesting the newly active western contaminated zone allowed little time for the Imperial forces to muster a counter attack. Displaying highly aggressive behaviour and re-enforced by more bio-warriors from the hive fleet in orbit, the Tyranids boiled out of their initial drop zone and raced across the barren savannah separating them from the rich basin of the Beiliegend Sea.

They found their way barred by elite mechanised divisions of the Correllian Storm Guard. Catching the onrushing xenos in the sparsely wooded terrain typical of the region, the Correllian's maintained strong fire discipline, targeting the bio-warriors that presented the biggest threat to their armoured vehicles before moving on to known synapse nodes. When they brought down the colossal winged tyrant leading the assault they believed that they had turned the tide, but their celebrations were premature.

The fierce intelligence of the hive mind had been analysing the Correllian's tactics through the many eyes of its swarm and discerned that it was their strong leadership that directed them to target the swarm's weak points and held them firm in the face of the horror of the Tyranid threat. With pure primal fury Nemesis drove its will through the failing synapse network of its lead tendrils, commanding its remaining elements to target the Correllian's command structure. A rogue ravener leapt amidst the division commander's bodyguard with suicidal single mindedness, slaughtering the commander and his HQ staff before being gunned down. But it was the death of the Ordos Xenos Inquisitor advising the Correllian's that saw the telling blow. With their chain of command thrown into confusion and lacking expert advice on the Hive's weak points they were forced to retreat before subsequent waves of Tyranids.

While the Corellian's desperately tried to prevent the Tyranid advance on Kontstadt, the Reaper Angels desperately tried to prevent the creatures of Hive Fleet Nemesis from outflanking the Imperial Guard positions. In a savage battle the Space Marines were swiftly overrun and forced to withdraw from the North East of Betor. With the Imperial lines broken, the Tyranids consumed Konstadt, before overrunning Leutenbach and infiltrating the outskirts of Hauzenberg. With the region's cities falling like dominoes Imperial commanders began to fear that they lacked the assets to defeat the invasion.

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