Sunday, February 07, 2010

Personal log of Inquisitor Hathek

Reports from across the Zadoc subsector have re-awoken my troubled mind in regard to Lord Varnius' so-called "splinter" fleet. For many months Betor has remained at phase 3 and our forces there have not been able to eradicate the xenos threat. The tyranids are deeply entrenched in the honeycomb of caves on the west coast of the Abfalle, a barren scrubland devoid of settlement and the loss of Eigenfeld and Marsenberg proves we are by no means masters of this infestation. Thankfully Renestein, overrun by Nemesis only last month, was cleared of the beasts by the timely arrival of a chapter of Space Wolves. It seems the Astartes at least have not forgotten the alien menace, while I fear my requests for Imperial Guard regiments are often met with deliberate obstruction. I cannot prove this, and to fully assert my authority at this time may not be the wisest of choices. I do not want to risk a schism with the Ordos Xenos, particularly Varnius, until I am sure it is necessary... And I have my evidence.

Worrying news reached me today. Betor is not alone in its infestation. My agents in the sector, posted to keep watch over events within the Emperor's domain, have reported Tyranid infestations on the Eldar world, known to their race as Saim Lann, where they are fighting for the survival of their world. I do not know if this is Nemesis, or a re-invigoration of Triton, but the news from Lucardium, one of the Tau colonies in the Perseus Deeps, makes me ever more sure this new strain is far more widespread than Lord Varnius would have me believe.

Lucardium was assaulted by Tyranids in 007M42, and my agent there has confirmed the Tau know this is not the same genotype. The Tyranids on Lucardium are not from Triton, but are genetically distinct. I have asked my agent for a biologis sample, though this may be difficult to achieve without the Tau becoming suspicious of his activities. I must be sure. If my agent is unsuccessful I may have to contact the Tau directly. If Nemesis has reached Lucardium in force it will prove Varnius wrong and I will be able to request more aid. Jellicoe is aware of my investigations and is a trusted ally. I will need more in the months to come...

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