Sunday, February 28, 2010

Rumblings in the Deeps

While Nemesis and the powers of Chaos accounted for much of the conflicts througout the first part of 010M42 they were not the only wars ragin, particularly in the largley lawless and violent expanse of the Perseus Deeps. Much of this activity was ignored by Imperial high command and the other major powers in the region, and often they were totally ignorant of it, yet certain encounters during 01-02.010M42 gave cause for concern for the larger Empires in the Aleph sector.

The Necrons continued their activity in 010M42 as they had at the end of 009M42. Imperial analyticae began to suspect that an entire tomb world, or series ot tomb worlds were stirring. Gamador had already been declared off limits and in early 010M42 there were reports of encounters between the Necrons and Chaos forces. It is believed that the Anticross attempted to land a scouting force on Enaloth but were detected, then defeated by Necron forces. Later, evidence suggests that the tendrils of Hive Fleet Nemesis, in their search for likely targets of biomass, encountered the Necrons on the same world. The result of the encounter would not be known for several weeks...

At the same time the Orks were making a nuisance of themselves in the Deeps. Having failed under Nazghat to assert themselves in the lawless zone, the ork fleet was not broken up. Nazghat merely lost interest for the time being and the directionless orks began attacking small outposts and raiding convoys of ships travelling the dangerous Perseus Run. Eventually the fleet was brought to heel by the Dark Angels fleet after several weeks of searching. However the Imperial ships only managed to drive the ork fleet off, rather than cause it much damage.

The ork fleet did however come to grief when it attacked a number of eldar transports near Aganthus. Within days of this attack the enigmatic eldar fleet, with the same markings as the one which had been encountered in the Deeps in early 010M42 smashed the ork fleet apart utterly. For the loss of just one small escort the eldar tore the orks apart, with only a handful of ork vessels managed to escape the destruction. One rogue threat had been annihilated.

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